M/Maritime is a proud active supporter of the Santorini Maritime Museum

M/MARITIME is the proud supporter of Santorini Maritime Museum located in Oia Santorini. The Maritime Museum of Santorini was founded in 1951 and 70 years later M/MARITIME decided to completely support its renovation and enhancement, demonstrating the Company’s continuous respect for the maritime history and tradition of Greece. The reopening of Santorini Maritime Museum which took place on Saturday 21st October 2023, is the result of the active engagement of the President and the BoD of the Museum as actively supported by M/MARITIME.

The Maritime Museum of Santorini includes a valuable collection of exhibits, reflecting the nautical history and tradition of the Island, a perfect echo of our Country’s maritime heritage, housed in a restored neoclassical captain’s house in Oia. Rare figureheads, seafaring chests, old maritime equipment, drawings and patterns, models of old and new Theran ships, watercolors featuring old sailing vessels, a submarine’s periscope, as well as rare photographs and a library, all attest the glorious Greek maritime history. M/MARITIME will support the preservation of Greece’s maritime hidden gem and dissemination of its significance for today’s shipping industy.