We define and monitor policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for our people on land and at sea. We implement policies knowing that health, safety, quality and environmental protection are essential responsibilities to attain M/MARITIME’s purpose.  

Policies are presented to achieve a sense of personal responsibility, set expectations and create interest and enthusiasm with respect to our values.



We effectively implement policies for the wellbeing of our people and the protection of the environment.

We believe that the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees are essential for the efficient operation of our Company’s activities. Ensuring a safe and hygienic working environment through the construction, operation and maintenance of our fleet and offices is our outmost demonstrated concern.

Increasing awareness and support of physical and mental health allows us to enhance our people’s wellbeing and personal safety leading to safe behaviours and operations. Aside from compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, we set our own safety ideals and safeguard constant monitoring.



We consider quality as a culture, as an environment in which our people are passionate about quality-driven effort and feel quality around them.

We work together to set-up demanding quality standards and expectations for the management of our fleet. Through commercial and operational aptitude, vigilant and proactive maintenance of our ships, we assure constructive feedback which contribute to the amelioration of industy standards and practices.

Every journey is meticulously planned, and every cargo is handled with utmost care. During maintenance, we methodically inspect, repair, and enhance every aspect of the vessel. We are caretakers of our vessels who were built in Japan, a country where production is synonymous with quality.



We work on the clock to guarantee smooth and efficient global transportation of dry-bulk goods.

We invest time and effort in identifying approaches to be implemented across our Company and equipment be installed onboard our ships that use energy, water, materials and other natural resources as efficiently as possible, giving particular regard to the long-term sustainability.

We guarantee efficiency through accuracy in our operational duties. We study all different innovative equipment and solutions that could optimize our operations and fleet maintenance for enhancing efficiency. Our experienced crew are a vital element in assuring efficiency and will always contribute towards a more efficient operations.



We continuously strive to improve our environmental impact, developing and improving responsible practices for the operations and maintenance of our fleet.

We operate in an ethical and responsible manner, providing all appropriate resources to develop, improve and sustain our environmental protection procedures.

We acknowledge the potential environmental impact that our operations may have to the environment.

We are committed to take measures throughout our operations to prevent and control pollution caused by our ships and to mitigate the effects of any damage that may occur as a result of maritime operations and accidents.