M/MARITIME presents the dry-dock of her first vessel to join Company’s fleet, AVRA.GR at ONEX Shipyards Neorion Syros Island

M/MARITIME completed the dry-dock of AVRA.GR at ONEX Shipyards at Neorion at the port of the island of Syros. AVRA.GR is a 34,930 dwt vessel, the first vessel built in Japan in 2016 to be delivered under the management of M/MARITIME in December of the same year. From Hakodate Dock of Namura Shipbuilding Co. and the sea of Japan, AVRA.GR arrived at ONEX Shipyards at Neorion in Syros Island in Greece in April 2021 to undergo her first special survey at the first heavy industry plant in the Balkans. During this five year journey at sea, AVRA.GR transported 879,550 tons of dry commodities around the world, calling 91 ports and with total of 130 seafarers having served as officers and crew onboard. M/MARITIME proudly continues to honour the Greek maritime industry showing respect to the country’s shipbuilding and maintenance operations and entrusting ONEX shipyards and Neorion in Syros, with a history of 160 years in the construction and maintenance of vessels, to ensure supreme quality and operational excellence. Accuracy and quality is strongly reflected in the work of the people at Neorion shipyard who together with the people of M/MARITIME ashore and onboard the vessel completed the dry-dock of AVRA.GR smoothly and timely demonstrating complete support in the Company’s innovative approach to repairs and design of the vessel. The Company’s second vessel, ARMONIA.GR, a 61,232 dwt vessel built at Imabari Shipbuilding is expected to complete her special survey at Neorion Syros in July 2021. M/MARITIME will continue to support the Greek shipbuilding and maintenance industry and intends to complete the special survey of the Company’s vessels at ONEX shipyards and also support the local business community through additional works in the vessels’ accommodation offering better design and creating an environment which is comfortable for our people onboard. The principles of quality and accuracy, deeply rooted in and commonly shared between M/MARIITME and the Japanese shipbuilding industy are shared with Neorion ONEX shipyard and we are confident we can take maintenance of vessels in Greece a step ahead through exceptional work and cooperation.