Safety & Quality
In order to effectively implement its Safety & Environmental Protection Policy the company:
Ensures compliance with all National, International and Flag Administration Legislation
Takes into account all related guidelines, standards, codes and publications as applicable.
Implements a Safety Management System that provides responsibilities and instructions for all items required by the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. Implements procedures to prepare and respond to emergency situations. Practices at all times procedures for reporting and following up non-conformities and accidents.
Monitors all safety, operational and technical aspects of the managed fleet.
Provides adequate resources for the effective implementation of the SMS.
Inspects the managed fleet and carries out necessary maintenance and repairs.
Improves the SMS by taking necessary action for identified problem areas through the implementation of Internal Auditing and Management Review systems.
Ethics & Reliability
All company employees, shore based and sea going, are responsible for implementing the company’s Safety and Environmental Protection Policy. The company’s management is responsible to monitor and review the Safety & Environment Protection Policy on a regular basis in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.
Our intention is to ensure that our shore based and sea going personnel perform their duties not only with diligence and safety but also with environmental conscience and at the same time they are motivated to continuously evolve and excel for the common good of the company and the vessels.
Environmental Consciousness
The company’s objectives regarding Safety Management System implementation is to:
Protect the environment by implementing safe and pollution free operations.
Establish safeguards against identified risks.
Prepare and train shore based and sea going personnel for handling emergency situations.
Provide for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment.
Avoid incidents that could cause human injury, loss of life or damage to the environment, the property and assets under its management.
Improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and onboard ships.
Provide security measures for shipboard physical security against any terrorist acts.
Organizational Chart
M/MARITIME has developed a ship management team , which encompasses a team of highly experienced individuals that operate out of its headquarters in Athens, Greece.